California Senator Ellen Corbett Visits Primus Power

HAYWARD, CA.  November 13, 2012 -- Primus Power, a leader in grid-scale energy storage, hosted a visit from Ellen M. Corbett, the Senate Majority Leader representing California’s 10th Senate District where Primus is located.  Ms. Corbett is a proponent of advancing environmentally friendly businesses as Chair of the Green Jobs, Solar, Wind, and Clean Technologies Select Committee.  Notably, the state of California is leading the charge on renewable energy with a mandate for 33% of power from renewable sources by 2020 under California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards established by the California Senate.

​​Senator Corbett and members of her team meet with members of the Primus Power team 

Corbett is endorsing the efforts of innovators like Primus Power, which is developing large-scale batteries to back up wind and solar installations, to help deliver on these mandates.  Corbett commented that “entrepreneurial teams such as Primus Power are taking the risk and working the long hours that will help us deliver technology to advance clean energy efficiency for future generations.  We could not be more pleased to have them in our district and helping to move California forward.   Batteries are key to a resilient electric grid.”​​
CEO Tom Stepien offered his support for the Senate’s Renewable Portfolio Standards.  “We are fortunate to live in an area where innovation is supported and legislation to support clean energy installations helps us all.  We couldn’t be more pleased to have the good fortune to do business in Senator Corbett’s district.”
About Primus Power
Primus Power is a leader in grid-scale energy storage solutions with a low-cost, scalable, distributed system. With patented innovations in chemistry, cell design and system engineering, the Company’s EnergyCell and EnergyPods™ products offer exceptional power density and portability at industry-low prices. Primus is the only company to receive government grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), and the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Its technology stands to revolutionize the economics, stability, and security of the electric grid, while accelerating the incorporation of renewable wind and solar energy.