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 Primus Power Selected to Showcase Energy Storage Systems at EXPO 2017  November 28, 2016

Today, Primus Power announced that it has been selected to exhibit its energy storage solutions at Expo 2017, an International Exposition scheduled to take place between June 10 and September 10, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The theme for this World’s Fair is Future Energy. The exhibition aims to showcase modern technologies in the global economy that provide "Solutions for Tackling Humankind’s Greatest Challenge." The participating exhibitors will demonstrate energy solutions tackling social, economic, and environmental challenges. More than one hundred countries are participating.
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Uncle Sam's battery bank:  ARPA-E spurs commercialization of innovative storage technology Sept 7, 2016

Of 475 DOE-funded energy projects, 45 went on to attract private capital, including many storage applications.  
ARPA-E is celebrating a birthday. The federal research and development program – ARPA-E stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy – is seven years old. Since 2009, ARPA-E has provided $1.3 billion in funding to more than 475 projects. Of those, 45 have gone on to raise $1.25 billion in publicly-reported private sector funding.
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Microsoft Partners with Primus Power to Drive Energy Innovation at Datacenters June 16, 2016

At a White House event honoring clean energy innovators, Primus Power and Microsoft announced a program to advance energy storage at datacenters globally. The program will be carried out in collaboration with NRG Energy, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and battery technology providers, including Primus Power. This pilot program is part of a broader focus by Microsoft, as part of its datacenter strategy, to explore next generation technologies for energy storage and management.
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Primus deepens collaboration with Samruk-Energy with 7,500 kWh battery system for a wind farm May 26, 2016

During the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan Primus announced an order for a 7,500 kWh battery system for the 45 MW Yereymentau wind farm. This announcement is a follow-on to a multi-year strategic agreement that calls for the installation of 1,250 Primus EnergyPods® to help modernize the Kazakhstan electricity grid.
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Primus collaborates with Eaton to deliver high-performance flow battery energy storage solutions April 26, 2016

Primus announced a strategic collaboration with power management company Eaton to deliver low-cost, long-duration flow battery energy storage solutions for utility, commercial and industrial customers. Primus will work with Eaton’s turnkey project management team and power systems engineers to help customers more easily and effectively develop high-performance energy storage and microgrid solutions for critical applications . . .
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Why Energy Storage May Be the Most Important Technology in the World Right Now April 1, 2016

Just as electric light became competitive with gas light more than a century ago, renewable energy and electric cars are becoming competitive with technologies based on fossil fuels. However, for the new technologies to become truly transformative, we need to develop a new generation of batteries to power them.
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Primus Installs First Energy Storage System in Kazakhstan March 11, 2016

Samruk-Energy, the leading electricity provider in Kazakhstan with 21,000 MW of generating capacity, installed a Primus EnergyPod® at the Kapchagay 2 MW solar farm operated by Samruk-Green Energy. Bordering Russia and China, Kazakhstan is a key player in the Central Asian energy market.
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Primus Power’s Microgrid Highlighted as a Leading Energy Solution February 23, 2016

Ellen Williams, Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency • Energy, talks about leading energy technologies and highlights Primus Power and Raytheon for their role in advancing US & global energy solutions.

Reprinted from E&ETV with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing

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Bill Gates Thinks Flow Batteries are a Breakthrough Energy Technology November 30, 2015

In launching the Breakthrough Energy Coalition Bill Gates identified flow batteries as a promising technology. “Unlike lithium-ion batteries, a flow battery could last for decades and the rechargeable electrolyte liquid could last indefinitely.       
Flow batteries would last longer and store more energy than today’s batteries.

The discussion on flow batteries is on Page 6 of his report, linked below.
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Disruptive Cleantech Series: Primus Power November 23, 2015

Goldman Sachs’ equity research team analyzes Primus Power’s EnergyPod® design and concludes the proprietary membrane-free, titanium electrode, single tank system is “not your Father’s Flow battery” in a report by equity analysts Brian Lee, CFA and Hank Elder.

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A Guide to the Energy Storage Revolution October 27, 2015

Batteries – the workhorse technology that injects life into gadgets we can’t live without – are taking on a bigger role as they replace petrol tanks in cars and make their way into homes and businesses to store electricity from rooftop solar panels or the grid.
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Israel Chemicals installs Primus Battery in Rancho Cucamonga October 20, 2015

Israeli specialty minerals giant, ICL, named its Rancho Cucamonga plant in Southern California as ICL’s first manufacturing site to deploy Primus Power’s energy storage system. ICL is a premier supplier of bromine, an essential mineral used in high performance flow batteries.
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Primus Raises $25M in Series D Financing September 9, 2015

Primus Power secured $25 million in financing for its Series D funding round. Additionally, Primus announced a strategic agreement with Samruk-Energy, the principal electricity provider in the Republic of Kazakhstan. As part of the multi-year agreement, Samruk-Energy plans to purchase Primus systems totaling 25 MW • 100 MWh – representing 1,250 batteries.
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Challenges of Energy Storage: Developing Financing and Market Structures July 2015

The stationary energy storage market has attracted increased attention as prices decline and new use cases arise. Many market observers have noted that stationary energy storage is “where solar was ten years ago” and project a similar growth path. Industry participants are hoping for the same, or even better, trajectory.

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Primus executes Strategic Agreement with Samruk-Energy May 22, 2015

At the Astana Economic Forum VIII Samruk-Energy, the leading electricity generator in Kazakhstan, and Primus Power formed a strategic partnership which calls for the delivery of pilot EnergyPods® in early 2016 followed by the organization of a joint venture for the production and supply of energy storage systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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EPA Administrator awards Miramar’s energy savings and technical innovations May 20, 2015

The US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy visited the Marine Core Air Station in Miramar, California to award the base the 2015 EPA Federal Green Challenge Energy Award. Miramar was the federal facility with the highest percentage reduction in energy use among 400 sites. Ms. McCarthy’s speech was held in front of the Primus EnergyPod®.

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Primus Power CEO named a 2015 Smart Grid Pioneer May 13, 2015

Smart Grid Today named the 50 Smart Grid Pioneers of 2015 today, which includes Primus Power’s CEO Tom Stepien. Tom is featured alongside other smart grid visionaries who are described by Smart Grid Today as “the best and brightest smart grid industry stakeholders succeeding at tackling many of the complexities in digitizing the power distribution world, some of which could barely be imagined just a decade ago.”

Primus Power witnesses birth of energy storage market March 13, 2015

The market for battery-based energy storage is now at the tipping point of being a go-to option for utilities and grid operators looking for flexibility. Primus is selling two of its EnergyPods® to Puget Sound Energy and testing another one at Pacific Gas & Electric.
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Primus Power and Raytheon Demonstrate Solar + Storage Microgrid System and Control Capabilities March 5, 2015

Primus and Raytheon have successfully demonstrated an advanced microgrid system capable of islanded operation using stored and high penetration renewable solar energy. The testing effort, conducted at NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility, proved the ability for an energy storage system-driven microgrid with conventional photovoltaic (PV) inverters to achieve 100% PV penetration while retaining the power quality needed to satisfy critical facility loads.

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Grid-Scale Energy Storage: a $68B Market over the Next 10 Years January 13, 2015

Navigant Research predicts the revenue generated worldwide by grid-scale energy storage between
2014–2024 will total more than $68 billion.
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Primus is a Platts Global Energy Award Finalist October 6, 2014

Platt’s Global Energy Awards recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in leadership, innovation and performance in the energy industry. Primus is a finalist for the second year in a row. Primus Power was a finalist in the Commercial Applications category.
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ARPA-E ‘Encourages Crazy Ideas’ to Find Disruptive Energy Technology July 14, 2014

The same GPS technology that guided smart bombs during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 is now in your smart phone and there are numerous additional examples of technology borne from US Defense Department innovators – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – that exploded (pardon the pun) into mainstream commercial applications. Well, if it worked for defense projects, why not use the same model to halt the erosion of US science and technology prowess, while supporting cutting-edge, home-grown energy solution development?
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Sanmina and Primus Power announce manufacturing agreement to produce grid-scale energy storage systems May 12, 2014

Sanmina Corporation (Nasdaq: SANM) and Primus Power today announced a manufacturing agreement focused on the growing energy storage market. As part of the agreement, Sanmina will assemble and test EnergyPods at its Silicon Valley manufacturing facilities.
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ARPA-E’s Cheryl Martin visits Primus Power May 1, 2014

Cheryl Martin, Acting Director of ARPA-E, visited Primus. We were reminded again how fortunate energy storage companies are to have such an informed and enthusiastic champion in DC.
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The Year Energy Storage Hit Its Stride May 1, 2014

The energy storage sector is finally poised to begin making its mark, driven by greater policy support and technological advances that have begun making new solutions economic.

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CalCharge: the center of gravity for energy storage technology April 17, 2014

Primus Power is a founding corporate member of CalCharge, a pioneering initiative designed to accelerate the development of the energy storage sector in California.
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California’s Energy Storage Bet February 28, 2014

California is offering businesses large incentives for coming up with successful, large-scale electricity storage systems, betting that creating demand will lead to workable and economic new technologies.

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Primus Power Featured in Video at ARPA-E Innovation Summit February 25, 2014

IRaytheon and Primus Power are installing a microgrid at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California. The project was prominently featured in a video shown at the annual ARPA-E Innovation Summit.
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Primus Power secures $20M in first close of series C funding February 4, 2014

Primus Power’s C round includes substantial investment by South Africa’s Anglo American Platinum. Funds support first product shipments in 2014.

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California Adopts Historic Energy Storage Targets October 17, 2013

The California Public Utilities Commission set a target for California investor owned utilities to procure 1,325 MW of cost effective energy storage by 2020. The target, which is the largest of its kind worldwide, is set to increase California’s installed energy storage capacity six fold from its current 35 MW.
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Primus is a Platts Global Energy Award Finalist October 1, 2013

Platt’s Global Energy Awards honors and recognizes those who have transcended the status quo in the name of excellence in leadership, innovation and performance in the energy industry. This year Primus is a finalist in the Rising Star Company category.
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Energy Storage: the Next Big Thing September 5, 2013

For California to reach its ambitious climate-change goals, it must figure out how to deliver electricity when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.
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Primus is a Defense Energy Technology Challenge Winner September 5, 2013

The US Department of Defense has partnered with the Department of Energy to identify, assess and transition energy saving innovations into deployment. Primus Power’s EnergyPods® were identified as a solution to reduce energy use at expeditionary military outposts.

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Primus Power Wins Business at Puget Sound Energy June 20, 2013

Primus is partnering with the Bonneville Power Administration and the Department of Energy to deliver two 250 kW EnergyPods® to Puget Sound Energy.
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Flow Batteries Promise More Resilient Microgrids March 25, 2013

Primus Power is coming to market with a flow battery design that opens the door to the possibility that battery backups for renewables could one day form a constellation of self-sufficient microgrids far more resilient than the present electrical infrastructure.

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Primus Power Lands DoD Microgrid Contract January 23, 2013

Energy storage systems are a critical component of microgrids. Primus Power was selected by Raytheon as the storage system provider for a microgrid at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California.
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Energy Storage Wars: Which Technology will Win the Battle? January 14, 2013

Primus Power is developing a technology they believe will compete with and even surpass the economics of pumped hydro – and become a meaningful part of the smart grid.
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California Senator Ellen Corbett visits Primus Power November 13, 2012

Senator Corbett is the Senate Majority Leader representing California’s 10th Senate District where Primus is located. She is a strong proponent of advancing environmentally friendly businesses as Chair of the Green Jobs, Solar Wind and Clean Technologies Select Committee.

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FERC Commissioner Cheryl LeFleur Visits Primus Power May 29, 2102

Commissioner LeFleur is helping lead FERC when the US is making substantial changes in its energy supply and infrastructure to meet environmental challenges and improve reliability and security.

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Primus Power Completes $11M Financing Round May 31, 2011

Primus completed its B round of financing, raising $11M from DBL Investors, I2BF Global Ventures, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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California Energy Commission Awards Primus Power $1M June 14, 2011

The California Energy Commission is the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency. Supporting energy innovation is a pillar of this work. The CEC’s $1M award recognizes Primus Power’s pioneering work in advanced energy storage systems.

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US Navy Deputy Assistant Secretary and ARPA-E Director Visit Primus Power July 1, 2011

Primus Power, a leader in grid-scale energy storage, hosted a visit from Dr. Arun Majumdar, Director of the Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), Tom Hicks, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for the U.S. Navy, and Dr. Mark Johnson, ARPA-E Program Manager.
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Department of Energy Awards Primus Power $14M Energy Storage Demonstration Grant November 23, 2009

Primus Power’s $14M award is part of an overall $47M project to commercialize, deploy and monitor a 25 MW • 75 MWh energy storage system to a California utility where it be used to firm intermittent wind and solar power.

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Primus Power Raises $4M from Chrysalix and Kleiner Perkins August 3, 2009

Primus closed its A round of funding with investments from Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
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