Modular Capacity    
Primus Power Technology
The Primus Power  flow battery features a liquid zinc bromine chemistry that is safe and stable. Metal electrodes are long lasting and help achieve high current density. The patented, single flow loop design eliminates the membrane or 'separator'  in the electrode stack, which reduces cost and points of failure. Accelerated life testing assures reliable performance over the twenty year life span with minimal maintenance. Readily available materials provide low cost sourcing. 
The system configuration provides fully contained pumps and controls. The control system implementation offers remote monitoring and flexible power electronics for integration into a larger configuration such as a microgrid.    
These features combine to create a low total cost of ownership.  
 ​ ​5 full hours at 25 kW to 25 MW for 20 years
   ​Primus Power EnergyPod 2
The Primus Power EnergyPod 2® leverages the Primus Power technology to provide solutions for energy storage. This transportable battery system is complete with modular capacity  and advanced power electronics for ease of configuration. From 25kW to 25MW with five hour discharge and a twenty year life, the EnergyPod is configured to perform and resolves limitations of  lithium-ion battery systems.

The Primus Power EnergyPod® is a major advancement in battery technology, enabling energy storage that is cost competitive with natural gas or diesel generators and with clean, reliable performance. As an integral part of the grid in use daily, the dependable instant-on relieves worry. With up to 80% smaller footprint, 70-% DC efficiency, and emission-free operation, customers, neighbors, and regulators appreciate the quiet, reliable performance.  
 ​​  Configurable Performance

Primus Power Electronics
An important element in the design and funciton of the Primus Power suite of offerings is integrated power and control.  The EnergyPod features power electronics designed for connecting to the grid, easily.

Remote monitoring allows oversight of systems no matter where they are located in the world. System status, charging capability, performance, and other health statistics of the batteries can be viewed or used by systems vendors in the same network. And, as necessary on any network, security is built in to provide confidence in performance.
 ​  Durable Safety

Primus Power Safety
The Primus Power flow battery technology utilizes bromine, a natural fire retardant. The EnergyPod is not prone to 'thermal runaway'. Thermal runaway is a situation where an increase in temperature changes conditions resulting in a further increase in temperature, often leading to a destructive result. Thermal runaway has been noted to cause fires in lithium ion batteries. The EnergyPod's components, largely plastic and metal, are  designed for long life and then are fully recyclable. The EnergyPod has been designed thoughtfully, in order to make it helpful in its full twenty year life cycle.

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